Smithbuilt - Sold me an aluminum shed with very poor workmanship

Miami, Florida 0 comments

I recently purchased my 3rd aluminum shed from "Smithbuilt Sheds", I noticed most of the nails in the studs were sticking out 1/4", same with the floor, had to take a hammer and punch to drive them in flush, and some of the crossbracing was up to 3/4" too short, instead of cutting a piece that fit correctly.I called the factory, located in Auburndale,Fl., and sent a text picture, not expecting anything, just to let them know they needed a new quality control person.

they said that's funny, no one has ever complained before. That weekend it rained very hard, and I was surprised to see it leaking in 3 corners, ruined a box of fishing scales I had stored in one corner and almost leaked in a fuse panel I had just Installed in another corner. As soon as it dried out a little I went to Home depot and purchased 3 tubes of silicone and got up on my ladder and spent 2 hours recaulking the whole roof from the eave down.

Again I called the factory, they said our sheds don't leak, you are just a complainer, buy someone else's next time, so that is what I will do.Thanks for listening

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